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Choosing The Best Trade And Trade School For Your Child

Every parent wants the best for their child, but after high school is over, not every kid wants to head off to university. My son decided that he was better off applying his talents and work ethic to learning a trade. The only problem was he was not sure which trade and school he wanted. My blog shares our journey of helping him decide this career path for him. Trade choices, trade schools, and how to get started are just a few of the blog topics I want to post about. A trade career is a long-term, reputable working path, so use my posts to help your child choose wisely.


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Truck Driving Courses: 3 Things You Will Learn

When considering a career in truck driving, it's important to know what skills you'll need to succeed. On this blog, you can find out more about the most important skills and knowledge that truck drivers develop during training. This article covers everything from basic driving skills to more specialised abilities like manoeuvring in tight spaces. Read on to discover more!

Driving in different conditions 

While some people only ever drive in good weather conditions, truck drivers need to be prepared for anything. One of the things you will learn on a truck driving course is how to drive in different conditions. You will learn how to handle your truck in inclement weather and adapt your driving style for different times of the day. This is vital knowledge for any truck driver, as it ensures that you will be able to safely deliver your load no matter what the weather is like. So if you're thinking of becoming a truck driver, then make sure you choose a course that will teach you how to drive in all kinds of conditions.

Manoeuvring in tight spaces

A key thing you will learn in a truck driving course is how to manoeuvre in tight spaces. This is a crucial skill for any truck driver, as it can help to avoid accidents and damage to both the truck and its cargo. You will learn how to use the mirrors on the truck to judge distances and angles and how to reverse into tight spaces without hitting anything. You will also learn how to park the truck in various situations, such as parallel parking and perpendicular parking. These skills will be essential for any truck driver, so it is important to master them early on in your training.

Following truck safety regulations

Another important thing you will learn on a truck driving course is following truck safety regulations. Truck driving regulations are in place to protect both you and other motorists, and you must follow them at all times. You will learn about proper braking techniques, how to properly secure cargo, and how to inspect your vehicle before each trip. You will also learn about the hours of service regulations that govern truck drivers. By the end of the course, you should have a thorough understanding of all truck safety regulations and be able to operate your vehicle safely and in compliance with the law.

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