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Choosing The Best Trade And Trade School For Your Child

Every parent wants the best for their child, but after high school is over, not every kid wants to head off to university. My son decided that he was better off applying his talents and work ethic to learning a trade. The only problem was he was not sure which trade and school he wanted. My blog shares our journey of helping him decide this career path for him. Trade choices, trade schools, and how to get started are just a few of the blog topics I want to post about. A trade career is a long-term, reputable working path, so use my posts to help your child choose wisely.


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Medium Rigid Truck Training

Transportation is necessary for moving of goods and people from one place to another. Trucks are usually used to carry heavy goods to different locations. Trucks are very big when compared to other vehicles. They also have the ability to carry heavier loads than small vehicles which makes them ideal for transportation of bulk goods. In order for you to become a licensed truck driver, you are required to undergo medium rigid truck training or heavy combination truck training.

Medium rigid trucks

Medium rigid trucks are trucks which have 2 axles (1 steer and 1 drive) or less and have a gross vehicle mass (GMV) of above eight tonnes. The legal limit for towing a single trailer should be less than nine tonnes. Examples of medium rigid trucks include; mobile cranes, route buses, and milk or break delivery trucks. Medium rigid truck training is necessary if you wish to become a licensed medium rigid truck driver. 

The requirements for you to get a medium rigid truck license are that you need to have held an Australian license for at least one year. You also need to have successfully completed the set industry based assessments and training which can be verified using a national certificate that is given to an applicant. Medium rigid truck training enables individuals to gain skills and knowledge that are applicable to various types of vehicles. After medium rigid truck training, you can be able to easily understand and operate synchromesh and automatic transmissions.

Training Formats

Medium rigid truck training can be delivered in the following ways:

  • Four-hour training sessions (half-day)
  • Whole day training.
  • Group training
  • One on one hourly training.

Heavy combination truck training

Heavy combination trucks are the fourth level of heavy vehicle licensing in Australia. Heavy combination trucks are a single semitrailer that is attached to a prime mover. Together with unladen converter dolly, the truck usually has a gross vehicle mass (GMV) that exceeds nine tonnes. Heavy combination trucks are long, heavy and need individuals who are more skilled than average truck drivers. Heavy combination truck training is very strategic to ensure that trainees are able to achieve the following skills:

  • Change and use of gears.
  • Speed control.
  • Brake safety and control.
  • Road positioning.
  • Observing and adjusting your driving skills according to the actions of other road users.
  • Signals control and use.
  • Good judgement of speed and distance of traffic.

Heavy combination trucks are used in log truck driving, pivot bus driving, interstate truck driving, heavy warehouse deliveries, heavy tow truck driving and over-sized haulage.