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Choosing The Best Trade And Trade School For Your Child

Every parent wants the best for their child, but after high school is over, not every kid wants to head off to university. My son decided that he was better off applying his talents and work ethic to learning a trade. The only problem was he was not sure which trade and school he wanted. My blog shares our journey of helping him decide this career path for him. Trade choices, trade schools, and how to get started are just a few of the blog topics I want to post about. A trade career is a long-term, reputable working path, so use my posts to help your child choose wisely.


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Why You Should Take Advantage of Upcoming Opportunities behind the Big Wheel

More goods and materials than ever are being moved by road across Australia and this presents a considerable opportunity for those who would love to be behind the wheel as part of their career. In fact, it's likely that the number of qualified drivers will be in short supply in the next decade, and this is likely to translate into higher wages and better opportunities. If you have been tinkering with the idea of getting your own heavy vehicle licence, what is involved in the process and is it something you should consider?

Choosing Your Direction

Firstly, you should think about your options and in particular, the type of industry that you want to work in. Do you want to stay fairly close to home and be a local delivery driver, or do you want to really stretch your legs and pilot a vehicle that could take you across to the other side of the country? Understand that each different option will come with its own pros and cons, and in the latter case, you must be ready to spend long periods of time by yourself, working irregular hours and away from home.

Got What It Takes?

Do you like to get your hands dirty to an extent? You will be required to perform daily inspections before you set off and may also need to have a certain amount of mechanical aptitude, should something crop up when you're away. In every case, you will need to be a self-starter and make decisions by yourself while being able to work with others and take instructions at the same time.

Licence Qualification

It's not too difficult to get your first licence, which will allow you to drive a light rigid truck below a certain weight. In fact, you need only have held an ordinary car licence for a couple of years to qualify. However, if you have your eye on the big time and want to get a heavy vehicle licence, then you have to go through an upgrade process, which may take you several years to complete.

Moving Forward

Without a doubt, you will have to get the best quality training if you want to pass your test the first time and achieve your goal as soon as possible. This will involve a theoretical and practical test and you should enrol in a qualified driving school to help you do so. While you do this, keep an eye on the job market, so that you can dream about your future on the open road.

If this appeals to you, look into getting heavy vehicle licence training.